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Coca-Cola aimed to introduce their latest Coke Zero variant, featuring Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, with a novel approach to audience targeting. Their challenge lay in effectively marketing the product in an age of health-conscious consumers while precisely reaching the desired audience through programmatic channels.

"We couldn't be happier with the success of our collaboration with AudiencePro and EssenceMediaCom. By leveraging their deterministic data expertise and innovative rich media approach, we were able to deliver on our desired KPIs - Safety, Viewability and Engagement Rate and reach the right audience for our Coke Zero campaign. The combination of EssenceMediaCom, AudiencePro, and AdLabs has proven to be a winning combination for our brand which could build a long-term partnership with us."

Akhtar Ali Anjum,

Associate Manager Media, The Coca-Cola Company

"Our collaboration with AudiencePro on the Coke Zero campaign has been nothing short of extraordinary. AudiencePro’s capabilities of combining data and creativity helped us deliver outstanding results and exceed industry benchmarks. It's a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge marketing solutions."

Danish Rana,

Business Director, EssenceMediacom


Joining hands with EssenceMediacom, AudiencePro leveraged its deterministic 2P audience segments to create a custom cohort for Coke Zero's campaign. We also leveraged AdLabs, the creative wing of AudiencePro, to craft and engaging rich media solution for Coke's latest campaign. We identified custom cohorts of niche audiences from AudiencePro 2P segments such as Consumer packaged goods transactors (Carbonated Soft drinks, Frozen snacks, Juices), gym and fitness center visitors, online grocery transactors, food and beverage transactors, entertainment seekers etc. and activated across programmatic channels

Ad Experience

Vserv AdLabs - the creative arm of Vserv - crafted an engaging rich media solution using Coke Zero’s latest commercial featuring Tiger Shroff, to create an engaging and immersive experience. The rich media solution by AdLabs took the user through the journey of unveiling the great taste of Coke Zero.

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