Dettol achieves 64% incremental reach over TV with OTT paid subscribers


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Key Highlights


incremental reach over TV

1.8 Mn+

Non-overlapping audience over TV base


Dettol, a leading FMCG brand, sought to expand its audience reach through digital campaigns while surpassing TV efforts. The challenge was clear: target unique audiences beyond TV and elevate Dettol's previous standalone YouTube campaign benchmarks, with an XMR study to be conducted post campaign completion.

" campaign on the back of 2P intelligence helped accomplish our goal of targeting TV unexposed audiences, building net incrementality over TV for Dettol"

Shashishekhar Mukherjee,

Head of Digital Marketing, Reckitt

"With constantly changing media ecosystem and consumer choices, we’ve been looking for futuristic solutions, specially that are data-proof and Vserv has been a great partner in providing us with great solutions like cord-cutter segmentation that will be used to build incrementality across plans."

Hani Talla,

Partner - Client Leadership, Dentsu X


We selected the most relevant 2P segments from AudiencePro data insights and activated the same on YouTube as the closest possible set of Non-TV audiences that could deliver incremental reach. A customised audience set of OTT Paid Subscribers, Online grocery and pharmacy buyers, salaried professionals across lifestyle and shopping behaviour and premium handset owners was chosen to deliver sharper targeting on YouTube


With AudiencePro's deterministic 2P segments we achieved:


Incremental reach over TV

1.8 Mn+

Non-overlapping audience
over TV base of 14Mn+




Lift in incremental reach
over TV on YouTube campaign
(as validated by XMR report)




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