AudiencePro 2P Segments Inspiring Actions with Deterministic Consumer Insights

It is time to move on from simply sifting through data that barely scratches the surface of consumer behavior and dive deep and uncover actionable insights. Meet AudiencePro Consumer Insights, your key to unlocking enhanced customer understanding for more effective marketing.

As brands embrace the rise of 1P data, a trail of digital breadcrumbs emerges, revealing the intricate tapestry of consumer behavior on their platforms. The consumer today spends time across multiple digital avenues, presenting an expanse of alternate intelligence: product preferences, purchasing potential, financial personas, and shopping cadence - all of these insights can add immense value to your marketing strategies.

Credit Score Range

29.6 Mn+

Blue Collared Workers

17.5 Mn+

Frequent Fashion Shoppers

11 Mn+

Premium Card Holder

30.6 Mn+

White Collar Professionals

27.2 Mn+

Personal Care Shoppers

14.6 MN+

Annual Income Range

44.5 Mn+

Employment Type

29.9 Mn+

CPG Shoppers

54.3 Mn+

Elite Online Spenders

29.3 Mn+

Recent Travel Transactors

11 Mn+

Recent RMG Spenders

9.7 Mn+

Power Online Transactors

80 Mn+

Frequent Grocery Shoppers

7.5 Mn+

Stock & MF Investors

24.9 Mn+

E-commerce Shoppers

94.7 Mn+

High-Value E-commerce Shopper

4.4 Mn+

Recent PL Borrowers

28.4 Mn+



Limitless Insights with AudiencePro

With AudiencePro, you can now have access to this alternate deterministic intelligence powered by 2P segments. AudiencePro 2P segments open the door to uncovering unique insights within different consumer cohorts, offering you unmatched access to 700+ unique attributes from 550Mm+ user profiles.

Actionable Insights

With over 700 signals at your disposal and counting, your insights constantly expand. Use AudiencePro Insights to identify the most relevant attributes and generate impactful actions. Craft strategies based on deterministic data, not guesswork.



Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience segments. Uncover hidden trends and patterns that were previously inaccessible.


Engage Better

With precise insights, tailor your messaging and experiences to resonate deeply with your audience, building more relevancy.


Qualify or Disqualify Cohorts

Use AudiencePro insights to qualify or disqualify consumer cohorts as per your goals. Find your most promising prospects effortlessly.


Align Investments

Allocate your marketing budgets where they matter most. Direct your marketing investments toward cohorts with the highest potential for returns.


Measure ROI

Track the impact of your marketing strategies accurately. See how AudiencePro insights lead to tangible results, including increased ROI and efficiency.


Save in Media Investments

Maximize the efficiency of your media spending across diverse channels like WhatsApp, Meta, and other remarketing channels.


DSP Mutual Fund sees 60% incremental lift in website sessions

How Omni Channel Brands can benefit ?

Retailers can now leverage AudiencePro2 insights to identify evolved digital shoppers from their offline store transactors and nudge them with online friendly product categories. As a result, they can optimize their digital marketing investments around first-party segments.

How can E-commerce, D2C, Gaming & online first brands benefit?

Digital platforms attract new customers every month, and numerous re-engagement campaigns are developed to keep these users engaged. With AudiencePro 2P insights, it is possible to identify high-value potential customers and create customized campaigns for this group. This will result in an increase in the average order value

How Auto brands can benefit

A significant volume of leads is generated every month for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler brands. Through the utilization of AudiencePro 2P insights, it becomes possible to determine the affluence index of prospective customers,  thus facilitating the optimization of Whatsapp marketing investments.

Unlock Deterministic Insights of your 1P Segments.

Gain a competitive edge by uncovering the transactional behavior traits of your consumer segments. Craft powerful campaign strategies that deliver results with AudiencePro Ingishts. Don't let your competitors outsmart you.

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