OneCard gets 2X lift in Lead Conversion with AudiencePro


Key Highlights


Assisted Conversion from YT


Conversion lift over regular remarketing campaign on Meta


OneCard sought to introduce India's inaugural metal credit card to a precise target audience. Their challenge involved executing a comprehensive, cross-channel marketing campaign across the entire funnel and acquiring high-quality users interested in secure and metallic cards.

"The Cross-Channel Full Funnel Solution of AudiencePro is a unique offering from Vserv, where they target high-quality users from their DMP on Youtube first and then retarget the users on Facebook. This integrated approach of Quality Audience data from AudiencePro + Awareness on YT & Remarketing on FB has given us 2X higher conversions vis a vis our standard bottom-of-the-funnel performance campaigns."

Manish U.,

Head of Growth, OneCard


Leveraging AudiencePro 2P Audience Segments, we honed in on key segments, including private bank credit card holders, salaried individuals with incomes over 6 lakhs, stock and mutual fund investors, as well as MSME and retail owners. Our cross-channel full-funnel marketing campaign featured engaging video and display creatives, highlighting India's first metal credit card, deployed on YouTube and Meta platforms. This strategic approach reached 7.72 million audiences through YouTube for awareness and later on Meta for consideration, driving 32,000 visitors to our website. Through retargeting efforts on Meta, we achieved a remarkable 2X increase in conversions for OneCard.


With AudiencePro, OneCard achieved -


Users targeted on YouTube for awareness, targeted on Meta for consideration


Website users gained, remarketed them with display creatives


Lift in conversion with re-marketing campaigns