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Alpenliebe's #LickAndChomp challenge had a dual objective: connecting with parents and motivating children to participate. The campaign acknowledged the influential role parents play in their children's choices, making it a prime opportunity to promote popfills as a delightful treat. By creating an interactive challenge that encouraged parents to engage with their kids, Alpenliebe aimed to strengthen brand bonds within families and make their mark in cherished moments. This approach recognized that parental involvement could amplify the campaign's reach and impact while enhancing brand loyalty across households in India.

"Vserv AudiencePro’s targeted campaign approach and innovative use of deterministic audience segments helped us engage with parents and make our #LickAndChomp contest a success."

Gunjan Ketan,

Perfetti, CMO

"Vserv AudiencePro and AdLabs combination continues to be our go-to problem solver for our Perfetti campaigns. With this campaign, our expectations were not only met but exceeded threefold with Vserv AdLabs & its rich-media led solutions always standing out."

Ajay Gupte,



Alpenliebe tackled the challenge of engaging parents and promoting their new product, popfills, by leveraging Vserv AudiencePro's advanced data insights and deterministic segments. They meticulously crafted custom cohorts of parents based on offline transactional behaviors, such as purchases related to children's clothing, departmental and supermarket store visits, and online grocery transactions. Armed with these refined audience segments, Alpenliebe activated their campaign across programmatic channels, ensuring precise targeting and maximum impact, a strategic approach that played a pivotal role in their campaign's success.

Ad Experience

Alpenliebe's #LickAndChomp campaign offered an engaging ad journey that captivated both parents and children. They partnered with child influencer Paramveer Singh to establish an authentic connection with their audience. The campaign relied on Vserv AdLabs' creative ingenuity, incorporating rich media solutions that went beyond static advertisements. Users were actively encouraged to participate by recording videos of their children enjoying the new popfills, fostering a sense of community and interaction. The inclusion of a strategically placed "Know More" button further fueled users' curiosity, resulting in an impressive 24% click-through rate and high levels of interest and engagement with the contest. This interactive approach transformed the campaign into a two-way dialogue, making it a memorable and successful experience for all involved.

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