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Make every interaction on digital platforms feel tailor made with AudiencePro Consumer Intelligence

Multiple trends are currently in motion. Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards purpose-driven brands. D2C brands are reshaping the landscape of digital marketing. Consumer media habits, story telling, brand endorsements are swiftly evolving. With all these moving pieces, consumer segmentation is a vital component for success and AudiencePro makes it easy for you!

Consumer Packaged Goods
Beauty & Cosmetics
OTC Products

Achieve (KPIs)

Improved Brand Awareness
Lift in Brand Recall/Consideration
Lift in Message Association
Incremental Reach Beyond Traditional Media
Quality Consumer Engagment
Higher Sales Drive

What can you do with AudiencePro?

  • Deliver an unforgettable experience that resonates with consumers, leading to heightened brand awareness, top-of-mind recall, purchase intent, and more.

  • With our tailor-made solution, get empowered to engage incremental audience beyond the realm of traditional media.

  • Craft contextual messaging with offers they care for by identifying unique and relevant cohorts

  • Convert interest into purchases. Watch your sales graph climb as we optimize every step of the consumer journey.

  • Building lasting relationships with customers and turn your one-time buyers into lifelong brand advocates.

Bajaj Consumer Care boosts Meta CTRs by 5X and achieves Unduplicated Reach with AudiencePro

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