Take your brand to Deterministic Audiences

  • Cord Cutters
  • Consumer Electronics Shoppers
  • High Credit Score Consumers
  • Grocery Transactors
  • Mutual Fund Investors
  • Premium Car Owners
  • Tax Payers

AudiencePro Packages with Proven Results

We recognize that performance goals can vary across different industries. Our team of Audience Strategy experts have meticulously curated consumer cohorts taking into account the specific characteristics of your industry. This way, you can be sure that your programmatic and  performance marketing investments are aligned to your goals.

Transforming Campaigns For every industry vertical across media channels

Financial Industry (Banking, Investements, Fintech)

Elevate BFSI Precision: Tap into Niche Segments for Perfect Product-Market Alignment with -

  • Salaried & Business Owners
  • Stock & investments/Equity investors
  • Credit Score
  • Credit Card transactors

& many more


Transition to Personalized FMCG Marketing: Elevate Digital Interactions with Consumer Insights on the back of attributes like -

  • Consumer Packaged Goods Transactors
  • Grocery Buyers
  • Food and Beverages Transactors
  • Utility Bill Transactors

& many more


Rev up your automotive industry success with strategic decisions, and exceptional customer experiences enabled by attributes like -

  • Automotive Ownership: Four-Wheeler and Two-Wheeler
  • Annual Income
  • Bus Travel

& many more

Real Money Gaming

Power your Real Money Gaming with our solutions, unlocking immersive experiences, with customized cohorts like -

  • Real Money Gaming Transactors
  • Game Apps
  • Device Brand Type
  • Graduates

& many more

Consumer Electronics

Leave your mark in Consumer Electronics, crafting unforgettable tech experiences with cohorts like -

  • Device Brand/Price
  • Consumer Electronics Transactors
  • Digital Spend Index
  • Credit Card Type

& many more

QSR & Retail

From In-Store to Online Swipes! Elevate the Retail/QSR game with tailored-made categories like -

  • Food and Beverages Transactors
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Transactors
  • Clothing Transactors
  • Jewellery and Watches Transactors

& many more

Travel & Tourism

Soar to New Heights by tailored travel experiences with attributes like -

  • Air Travel Transactors
  • Hotel and resort Transactors
  • Bus, Train Travel & Auto Rental Transactors
  • Travel Agents & Online Travel Services Transactors

& many more

Connect with our audiencepro team to explore industry-specific packages in D2C, Ecommerce, Travel/Tourism, Retail, and more.

Addressing Crucial Needs With Precise Audiences


Extend your reach beyond TV campaigns, unlocking new audiences and expanding your campaign's impact across multiple platforms.

  • Music and video streaming services Transactors
  • Real Money Gaming Transactors
  • Digital Activity Index
  • Food and Beverages Transactors

Store Visitors

Supercharge your footfall strategy with precision targeting, and optimized advertising to draw visitors to your physical location

  • E-Commerce Transactors
  • Clothing Transactors
  • Music and Video Streaming Services
  • TV Transactors

& many more

Omnichannel shopper

Transform offline shoppers into online enthusiasts with tailored experiences that bridge the physical-to-online retail gap.

  • Men/Women/Children Clothing Transactors
  • Jewellery and Watches Transactors
  • Sunglasses/Sportswear Transactor
  • Sportswear transactors

& many more

Health & Wellness Seekers

Support diabetics individuals with personalized health and lifestyle guidance.

  • Health and Medical Services Transactors
  • Recreational and Fitness Activities Transactors
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverages Transactors

& many more


Connect with parents through personalized campaigns and interactions, understanding their unique needs and aspirations.

  • Married Users
  • Children Clothing Transactors
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Gaming app Users

& many more

Digital First User

Explore the limitless potential of Digital Natives and lead the way to success in the digital age.

  • UPI Transactors
  • Digital Activity Index 5
  • OTT Subscribers
  • Online Grocery and Pharmacy shoppers

Discover tailored industry packages with audiencepro to meet your unique needs and maximize campaign impact.

Make Every Marketing Moment Count

Valentine's Day Millennial Package

Strike the perfect chord and capture the hearts of the right audience on Valentine's Day.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods Transactors
  • Graduation/Post-Graduation Discipline
  • Music and Video Streaming Services Transactors
  • Food and Beverage Services Transactors

& many more

Cashquake: The Budget Day Extravaganza Package

Simplify Budget Day updates for all stakeholders and engage decision-makers in critical moments.

  • Tax Preparation Services Transactors
  • Stocks & Investments Transactors
  • Annual income - INR 7.5L+
  • Insurance Transactors

& many more

Mama-Palooza: Celebrating the Queen of Our Hearts

Facilitate heartfelt Mother's Day celebrations, simplifying decisions for honoring remarkable moms.

  • Women's Clothing Transactors
  • Beauty Products Transactors
  • Home & Garden Services Transactors
  • Jewellery, Watches Transactors

& many more

Sparkling Spectacular: Embrace the Festival of Lights

Brighten Diwali celebrations, simplifying decisions for joyful togetherness and prosperity.

  • Clothing Transactors (Online/Offline)
  • Jewellery and Watches Transactors
  • Gifts and Holiday Items Transactors
  • Credit Card Transactors
  • Consumer Electronics Transactors

& many more

GreenPulse: Eco-Focused Insights Bundle

Foster sustainable actions for a greener future on Environment Day.

  • Home and Garden Services Transactors
  • Health and Medical Services Trasnactors
  • Recreational and Fitness Activities Transactors

& many more

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Our Case Study

Vinayak Singh,

Head of Digital Marketing, Bajaj Consumer Care

"....Vserv AudiencePro helped us to sharpshoot our target audience with its transactional segments. We were able to layer Meta audiences with Vserv AudiencePro 2P deterministic audience segments across hair and beauty categories, which gave our campaign a heavy boost by delivering almost 5X CTR."

Isha Dhoble,

VP Marketing & Strategy, Epigamia

"We’ve working with Vserv for over an year now, it’s been an amazing journey and they have seen us through variety of campaigns across various objectives, their deterministic audience layering has helped us deliver efficient campaigns across platforms., it’s been an amazing journey."

Gunjan Khetan,

Chief Marketing Officer, Perfetti

"Vserv AudiencePro’s targeted campaign approach and innovative use of deterministic audience segments helped us engage with parents and make our #LickAndChomp contest a success."