Consumer Intelligence Collaboration Transformed With Ethical Data Usage Framework

Experience a collaborative and transformative platform that prioritizes Responsible Audience Lifecycle Management. With AudiencePro, businesses can securely harness alternate consumer intelligence to establish enduring connections with their consumers.

Our ethical data usage framework ensures that consumer data is fiercely protected, empowering you to responsibly grow your business

Responsible Audience Lifecycle Management


Zero Storage Platform

AudiencePro takes immense pride in being a zero-storage platform, so businesses never have to worry about leaving data footprints outside their realm. Designed to facilitate seamless onboarding of Customer Data, the self-serve platform employs cutting-edge big-data sketching technology, on-demand fetch, and the earliest deletion of data.


Unlock Insights with no User Identifier

Utilizing data-sketching technology, our platform ensures user data security without sharing user IDs. ​​Instead of sharing hashed mobile numbers, you can now exchange sketches. Our platform empowers you to create theta sketches for your segments using the provided tool on your servers. These sketch files can then be securely deployed to your private cloud folder. AudiencePro compares your consumer segments with its exclusive segments, revealing invaluable insights that can greatly enhance your planning efforts.


Fully Automated workflow

Experience the power of on-demand/live data fetching with the AudiencePro platform. Our serverless DCR ensures seamless crosstabbing. We utilize intelligent APIs to effortlessly and securely deploy audience segments to adtech/martech platforms, all while gaining valuable insights from daily usage analytics. Post usage, the audience purges from your adtech/martech platforms.


Serverless DCR with full data encryption

Serverless applications do not maintain any persistent data ensuring fortified data isolation and zero residues through real-time processing, minimizing breach risks.AudiencePro DCR is 100% serverless, built on AWS using S3, Lambda, and Athena. In addition, all data is encrypted with advanced encryption standards, be it data at rest in S3 buckets or whilst in use to create the target audiences by cross-tabbing using Athena.


Earliest Data Deletion By Design

Our groundbreaking zero-storage platform ensures that consumer data and its traces are never retained at any point in the value chain, including within AudiencePro. We maintain top-tier ethical data standards via responsible audience lifecycle management. Our unwavering commitment to data care includes earliest data deletion approach tightly integrated into onboarding and activation processes. Trust us for 100% transparent and secure data handling.

Consumer Intelligence & Activation Platform

Niche Segmentation
Growth Channels Retention Channels
2P Audience
First Party
Single View
of Insights

Consumer Intelligence & Activation Platform

Niche Segmentation
Retention Channels Growth Channels
2P Audience
First Party
AudiencePro Platform
Single View of Insights
Multichannel Activation

One Platform for Multi-Channel Activation & Analytics

Swiftly activate your desired cohorts and launch growth and engagement campaigns across an array of channels, including video, programmatic, social, and messaging of any ad-tech or martech platform. You can do all of this and also get audience usage analytics from a single platform making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Bespoke partnership

Whilst audiencepro brings to you a curated list of collaboration partners, you can use audiencepro to securely collab with your direct partners audiencepro allows you to securely borrow, share, or barter your audiences with other marketers on audiencepro for insights and activation. You can revoke your audiences when needed and all audience usage analytics is available to you.

Diamond-like transparency

To ensure diamond-like transparency, audiencepro has brought into practice the validation of zero data storage with direct access to non-mutable 3rd party audit logs. Our esteemed partners can easily access these logs for consistent & dependable tracking.

Advantage Ensuring Privacy.

Compliant with DPDP,2023

VAPT done

Data Residency (India)

High Availability

Full Encryption (Data at rest, motion & use)

Data Isolation (Multi-tenancy)

24x7 Monitoring - NOC & SOC

Secure Code Reviewed

Platform Benefit

Consumer Intelligence Powerhouse

Revolutionise your consumer segmentation strategy with audiencepro. Access 700+ precise attributes from 550Mn+ highly deterministic user profiles.

From transactional behaviour across online/offline shopping categories, financial risk profiles to precise user persona, use them on their own or in conjunction with publisher platform segments and watch your marketing efficiencies skyrocket.

Bid farewell to probabilistic segmentation!


Convenient Multi-Channel Activation to Unlock New Customers

Managing your marketing requires painstaking attention, hence we designed audiencepro with convenient Multi-Channel activation.

With audiencepro, achieving unduplicated reach across channels or quality session time from new users is a breeze. Our self-serve platform conveniently offers multi-channel activation with popular channels such as Google, Meta, and DSPs, and we are constantly adding more.


Smarter Retention powered with Deterministic Insights

Delve into the depths of your First-party data and let it privately intertwine with the extensive 2nd-party intelligence on audiencepro to unlock never-seen-before insights about your customers.

This powerful combination in action can empower you to re-segment your customers, activate curated cohorts on your preferred MarTech platforms and strengthen customer relationships. Write new rules for your retention marketing with audiencepro


Private Intelligence Partnerships

Take complete control over the advanced audiencepro tech platform and all its cutting-edge functionalities and foster your own private data collaboration partnerships. You can create custom intelligence partnerships, tailor them to your preferences, and leverage curated segments to achieve even greater heights of success, either on their own or in conjunction with audiencepro segments.

Abhik Sanyal,

Head of Consumer Marketing, DSP Mutual Fund

"Enriching our YouTube campaigns by leveraging AudiencePro deterministic 2P data insights and audience segments became a game changer for us. We were able to layer a transaction-driven sharper in-target audience that gave our video campaigns a heavy boost. Seeing the lift given by data insights, we are happy that it helped us making investments more effective"

Sameer Jain,

VP– Digital Marketing & Sales,Max Life Insurance

"AudiencePro's intelligent solution of layering highly relevant audiences from their authentic data pool on social platforms has made our targeting extremely effective & precise. AudiencePro's deterministic data and targeting have enabled us to reach 4.6 million emerging affluent consumers across India. Kudos to the team for consistently delivering outstanding results."

Arif Ehsan,

Head of Digital Marketing, Domino's

"With Vserv's AudiencePro platform we're seeing significant uplift in key performance indicators like Billing Per Order (+19%) and Install to Purchase rate (+64%) over existing campaigns whilst maintaining the benchmarks for ROAS."