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Our mission is to democratize consumer intelligence for all brands. AudiencePro brings an array of diverse & deterministic cross-tabbed consumer segments, taking your segmentation strategy to the next level. Provide brands with the most relevant data ingredient to fuel your campaigns and win consumers.

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Deterministic & Diverse Data Lake

AudiencePro goes beyond traditional methods & offers new-age deterministic and diverse attributes of the modern consumer, to reshape your segmentation strategy. Through partnerships with reliable and trusted data collaborators, the platform provides distinctive cross-tab segmentation for increased growth. With over 700 attributes from 550 million user profiles, all on one platform.

Relevant Cohorts for Your Business

Each industry has distinct requirements, and AudiencePro caters to those specific needs by providing a variety of cohorts that align perfectly with your business objectives. By offering success stories across different sectors, AudiencePro's segmentation enhances the effectiveness of your marketing investments. With AudiencePro, you can save time on experimentation and focus more on improvising strategies to achieve success.

Freedom to Expand

AudiencePro empowers you to go beyond native cohorts of the publisher/DSP platforms. Expanding your options for tapping into sharper consumer behavior, AudiencePro segments can not only be used as standalone but also in conjunction with platform segments, opening up a world of possibilities.

Convenient Multi-Channel Activation

With AudiencePro's convenient Multi-Channel activation, managing your marketing becomes effortless. Access exclusive Consumer Intelligence for superior reach on your preferred media activation channel. Achieve unduplicated reach and quality session time from new users easily with AudiencePro's self-serve platform, including popular channels like Google, Meta, and DSPs, with continuous updates.

Get an AudiencePro Data Expert to Work with you!

Unlock the power of deep expertise and consumer cohort understanding with AudiencePro! Don't let the multitude of 700+ attributes overwhelm you when selecting the right combinations for your brand, growth, remarketing, and more. Our AudiencePro data experts are here to instantly collaborate with you, giving your learning curve a massive leap. Together, we can achieve greatness and take your marketing to new heights!

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