Superior In-target Reach for
Purpose-driven Brands

With AudiencePro Segmentation, find yourself equipped with profound comprehension of the Modern Consumer. Bringing wholesome effectiveness to your top-funnel marketing strategies that keep your brand top of mind!

Superior In-Target Reach with Exclusive Consumer Intelligence

AudiencePro equips you with unmatched taxonomies and deeper insights to elevate your consumer segmentation strategy. Plan better with transactional behavior across online/offline shopping categories, financial risk profiles of consumers, and more such deterministic attributes to make your audience selection precise and target like never before.

Limitless Segmentation. Mass personalisation. Made Easier!

Our self-serve platform provides effortless access to 700+ attributes across 550Mn+ user profiles. You can create unbeatable combinations by merging diverse segments together that align with your campaign goals. Get instant sizing of selected segments and activate to your preferred channel

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

With 700+ deterministic attributes at your disposal, AudiencePro empowers you to leverage them in standalone or in conjunction with your preferred publisher platform attributes. Broaden your segmentation possibilities.

No channel is beyond
reach with AudiencePro

AudiencePro audiences can be seamlessly activated across a range of channels, including Google, Meta, DSPs, YouTube, OTT, and many more. Unlock the true potential of your campaigns and maximize reach and engagement on your preferred channels.

Unduplicated Reach: The AudiencePro Advantage

Achieving a low Cost per User Reach is crucial for any marketer. AudiencePro makes it possible by eliminating overlaps between user reach across multiple channels.

Making the most of your marketing budget is now simplified!

We care for the metrics you care for!

Boost Engagement KPIs


Improve Top Funnel KPIs

Unduplicated Reach

Improve Top Funnel KPIs

Top of the
mind recall
Lift in

Dettol achieves, 64% incremental reach over TV with OTT paid subscribers

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Our Case Study

"With constantly changing media ecosystem and consumer choices, we’ve been looking for futuristic solutions, specially that are data-proof and Vserv has been a great partner in providing us with great solutions like cord-cutter segmentation that will be used to build incrementality across plans."

Hani Talla, Partner - Client Leadership, Dentsu X