For AudiencePro, success is
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Experience a collaborative and transformative platform that prioritizes Responsible Audience Lifecycle Management. With AudiencePro, businesses can securely harness alternate consumer intelligence to establish enduring connections with their consumers. Our ethical data usage framework ensures that consumer privacy is fiercely protected, empowering you to responsibly grow your business

Digitally evolved Agencies

Evolved agencies are constantly & rapidly looking to stay ahead of all emerging trends in the digital space. Generative AI, Commerce Media, data driven marketing, programmatic, AR, Integrated Media Solutions and many more. In APRO, they can have a trusted platform and partner that can keep scaling the category of leveraging alternate data for marketing whilst they can focus on orchestrating the entire solution stack for their esteemed customers. Doing game changing & award winning work in the category of data driven marketing now becomes easier with audiencepro. The APRO platform can be white-labelled by agencies…

Established brands

The digital revolution has transformed Indian consumers like never before and the funnel is no more linear. In the pursuit of being relevant with the modern consumers, mass personalisation is the new manta. At APRO, we offer alternate consumer intelligence and differentiated insights to help brands navigate this ever-evolving consumer. From planners, brand building team e-commerce teams, growth & loyatly team to your agency partners, our APro tool empowers all teams in your organization. Fuel your KPIs with the new oil of data and count on us for a multitude of use cases around data. Success awaits!

"At PHD, we're believers in creativity and its many applications - especially when it comes to harnessing data and wielding it to cut through the noise. With the inventive application of customer intelligence, Vserv's collaboration with us sharpened and elevated this campaign's audience targeting, thereby helping our client, Bajaj Consumer Care, achieve great results."

Monaz Toddywalla, CEO, PHD Media

Loyalty Platform

Consumer Loyaly needs to be earned every moment for the hyper connected consumer.. Evolving preferences

Traditional Agencies

For Traditional Agencies, we understand the value of your trusted brand partnerships and expertise in TV, Radio, Print, and OOH. Now, APro can empower you to extend your reach to the digital realm. Our team of experts and cutting-edge tools will guide you through the evolving digital landscape, ensuring your success in the digital marketing era. Embrace the future with us and expand your digital advertising business like never before!


In the era of programmatic buying, the market is flooded with countless DSPs. To stand out and generate stickiness with your advertisers, partner with APro. Our powerful platform equips you with compelling segments, giving you a competitive edge. Elevate your offerings and become the go-to choice for advertisers. Join forces with APro and lead the pack in the dynamic world of programmatic buying!

"We at Max Life Insurance are extremely delighted to have found a trusted partner in Vserv for driving quality leads at scale while maintaining cost efficiencies. Vserv’s intelligent solution of layering highly relevant audiences from their authentic data pool on social platforms has made our targeting extremely effective & precise."

Sameer Jain, Vice President - Digital Marketing & Sales, Max life Insurance

Emerging Brands

The online world has opened remarkable opportunities for instant distribution and the rise of digital-first brands. Amidst limited budgets and time constraints, finding the right consumer base in a fast-evolving and competitve category can be daunting for D2C brands. That's where APRO comes in. Instantly access rich insights and consumer segments to ignite your 0 to 1 growth journey. Our humble team of experts understands the challenges you face at an early stage and is here to support you. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and achieve greatness.

Messaging Platforms & Martech Platforms

CPaaS & MarTech have revolutionized consumer engagement. Enterprises are seeking ways to optimize relevant messaging for their audience. Partnering with AudiencePro, you can leverage unparalleled alternate consumer intelligence to segment your existing consumers and supercharge your engagement campaigns. Make every message count and achieve greater effectiveness. Join forces with Apro and revolutionize your customer engagement strategy today!


Maximising ECPM’s and providing customers superior in-target audience is a never ending endeavour for publishers. With APRO you can accelerate this journey and build a long term relationship to maximize monetisation.

Audience Data Partners

The Indian digital economy is on the brink of rapid growth, and all businesses are seeking to evolve and thrive. Whether you're an omnichannel business or a digital-first enterprise, you share ambitions with giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Meta, Uber, and Google. At APRO, we believe any business, regardless of size or category, can tap into the expanding digital advertising opportunity. Monetize your assets - tangible or intangible, with our trusted technology and data framework. Join the numerous enterprises that have placed their confidence in us. Let us show you how we can help you succeed!

Research & Consumer Insights Company

Are you a Research & Consumer Insights Company seeking powerful consumer insights at a massive scale? Partner with APro and access a diverse range of digital consumer cohorts. Our platform empowers you to unlock compelling insights for product launches, brand awareness, and more. Dive deeper with APro Consumer Intelligence and elevate your digital surveys to gain unparalleled knowledge. Your success awaits with APro!

Innovative Start ups

Let's collaborate and explore limitless possibilities in consumer intelligence together. At our core, we're a humble team that has made significant strides by discovering new use cases. We're eager to learn from you and find ways to leverage and collaborate on consumer intelligence. Being part of this group, we're incredibly passionate about engaging with new start-ups. It's day zero for us, and we're ready to make an impact together. Let's connect!

"Vserv AudiencePro’s targeted campaign approach and innovative use of deterministic audience segments helped us engage with parents and make our #LickAndChomp contest a success."

Gunjan Ketan, Perfetti, CMO

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