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Our Case Study

Ajay Gupte,


"Vserv AudiencePro and AdLabs combination continues to be our go-to problem solver for our Perfetti campaigns. With this campaign, our expectations were not only met but exceeded threefold with Vserv AdLabs & its rich-media led solutions always standing out."

Monaz Toddywalla,

CEO of PHD Media

"At PHD, we're believers in creativity and its many applications - especially when it comes to harnessing data and wielding it to cut through the noise. With the inventive application of customer intelligence, Vserv's collaboration with us sharpened and elevated this campaign's audience targeting, thereby helping our client, Bajaj Consumer Care, achieve great results."

Hani Talla,

Partner - Client Leadership, Dentsu X

"With constantly changing media ecosystem and consumer choices, we’ve been looking for futuristic solutions, specially that are data-proof and Vserv has been a great partner in providing us with great solutions like cord-cutter segmentation that will be used to build incrementality across plans."

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